Identiv is a global digital security and identification leader in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Identiv is a rapidly growing team. Our platform encompasses radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC) technology, cybersecurity, and the full spectrum of physical access, video, and audio security.

We verify frictionless access and anywhere operations, protect identities from malicious attacks, secure intellectual property, and drive IoT innovation.

Identiv uTrust FIDO2 NFC+ Security Keys

Identiv’s uTrust FIDO2 NFC+ Security Keys pair with uTrust Key Manager Software, provide authentication to Windows 10/11 on standalone devices, and support PIV, HOTP, and TOTP.

Identiv uTrust FIDO2 NFC Security Keys

Identiv’s uTrust FIDO2 NFC Security Keys are assembled in the U.S.A. and provide a simple, strong authentication experience that eliminates the need for passwords.

Identiv uTrust FIDO2 GOV Security Keys

For government and regulated agencies, Identiv’s uTrust FIDO2 GOV Security Keys meet FIPS 140-3 and NIST guidelines for high-assurance strong authentication.

Identiv uTrust Key Manager Software

Configure FIDO2, one time password (OTP), and personal identity verification (PIV) functionality on your uTrust FIDO2 NFC+ Security Key or uTrust FIDO2 GOV Security Key

Manage Your Security Keys

Use the software tool to check the type and firmware of your security key or display serial numbers, load a shared secret via OTP, commonly used in cryptography to decrypt information, and load digital certificates, set PIN/PUK, or set/change keys via PIV.