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The most robust reader yet, the WAVE ID Plus reads more card types and has four different ID card configurations.

The powerful WAVE ID Plus credential reader, known for its quality and versatility, has an extensive feature set that includes:

  • Four ID card configurations (2 are pre-set and all four are user definable)
  • Auto-tuning for 13.56 MHz antenna to optimize performance in various environments
  • User-selectable volume control including a beeper on/off setting

The Most Robust Reader on the Market

The versatile WAVE ID Plus reader combines proximity and contactless technologies into one reader that has the ability to hold four card configurations, enabling growing organizations to seamlessly integrate different ID card technologies. These credential readers are designed for customers seeking to leverage their existing card system for applications beyond building access. Developed to read virtually any proximity or contactless card type in the world, the WAVE ID Plus is the most powerful, robust reader on the market for identification, authentication, and access applications. Credential-based reader solutions eliminate the need to manually enter user names and passwords, streamlining workflow and eliminating errors for identification.

Expanding Credential Identifi cation Beyond Physical Access

The WAVE ID Plus reader easily integrates into existing card access systems, allowing companies to leverage the same cards they use to get into the building for countless applications involving logical access to network, software applications, and equipment. Connecting directly into the USB port, the reader emulates keystrokes of the USB model card data on the login screen. The serial models can connect to a RS232 port. Its plug-and-play functionality requires no software for seamless integration with common operating systems and applications. The reader is also available in a CCID version, allowing plug-and-play operation with standard PC/SC drivers for Windows and other OS and including support for FIDO2 NFC authenticators.

Developer-Friendly SDK

Software Developer Kits (SDKs) allow independent programmers to develop and enable their applications with the ability to read ID card identification information directly off any of the proximity, contactless or magnetic swipe cards in use today. Software developers can easily create a solution that leverages the use of employee ID card data, resulting in added benefits to their applications such as single sign-on, QA tracking, cashless cafeteria, industrial vending or attendance.

Additional information

Weight 4.0 lbs
Dimensions 3.6 × 2.1 × 0.7 in

RDR-800W1AKU, RDR-80581AKO, RDR-80581AKU, RDR-80582AKO, RDR-80582AKU, RDR-805W1AKU, RDR-805W2AKU

Model Series RDR-805x1AKx Desktop or Surface Mounting Keystroking Reader; RS-232
RDR-80582AKU Desktop SDK Non-Keystroking Reader
RDR-80586AKU Desktop CCID and SDK Non-Keystroking Reader (with FIDO2 support)
RDR-800x1AKx Desktop or Surface Mount Serial Reader, iCLASS SE,™ Seos™; RS-232
RDR-80082AKU Desktop SDK Non-Keystroking Reader, iCLASS SE,™ Seos™
RDR-80086AKU Desktop CCID and SDK Non-Keystroking Reader (with FIDO2 support), iCLASS SE,™ Seos™
RDR-8X581AKU Lite Desktop Keystroking Reader
RDR-8X582AKU Lite Desktop SDK Non-Keystroking Reader
RDR-8X081AKU Lite Desktop Keystroking Reader, iCLASS SE,™ Seos™
RDR-8X082AKU Lite Desktop SDK Non-Keystroking Reader, iCLASS SE,™ Seos™
Operating Frequency 125/132 kHz and 13.56 MHz
Interface USB
SDK available for writing apps to the reader Yes
Dimensions (inches) Length 3.6″ (9.0 cm) x Width 2.1″ (5.2 cm) x Height: 0.7″ (1.7 cm)
Weight 4.0 ounces (113.39g)
Housing Color Black
Cable Length 6’ standard; 6” and 16” lengths available
Indicators LED indicator; Adjustable beeper volume (off , low, medium, high)
Form Factors Desktop, surface mount, non-housed
Power Supply USB self-powered; some RS-232 models require external power source
Power Consumption 70 mA typical, 150 mA maximum
Operating Temperature Range -22º to 150ºF (-30º to 65ºC)
Operating Humidity Range 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range -40º to 185ºF (-40º to 85ºC)
Certifications (Please contact rf IDEAS for information about other global certifications)
FCC-United States; CE Mark-Europe; RCM-Australia; IC-Industry Canada;
UL Environmental: RoHS, REACH
Compatible Operating Systems Windows XP®, 7®, 8®, 10® and Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat), macOS and Android
Configure Utility rf IDEAS Configuration Utility available on rf IDEAS support page
Card Types Supports nearly all card types worldwide. Visit rfIDEAS.com for full list of supported card types.