Sentry Biometric Card (Logical Access Control Options)

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The Sentry Biometric Smart Card is “the union between absolute proof-of-identity, individual control, and privacy.“ It is an all-in-one CONVENIENT credential solution for both physical and logical access which stores credential information on the smart card. With its PROOF-POSITIVE authentication and ABSOLUTE TRUST requiring not only the possession of a smart card but rather an inclusion of a fingerprint, intruders will have an even harder time to access your facilities and applications. It supports privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA meaning that you can stay in compliance with the latest privacy rules.

The Sentry Biometric Smart Card is a MULTI-FUNCTIONAL smart card that has both biometrics and physical access features allowing you to securely identify your employees. Sentry’s Biometric Card is not simply a piece of plastic with an antenna in it as many Proximity cards are! There is sophisticated technology being used within the FINGERPRINT SENSOR to identify your employees and their unique credentials. It also has a use case in logical access with FIDO2 support allowing for the integration into HID Digital Persona or other login solutions for MFA (MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION) for both your network and the enterprise applications that you use. Last but certainly not least, it has UHF (ULTRA HIGH FREQUENCY) support within the smart card to monitor employees in real-time in case of emergencies. You can safely have all your employees exit the building without anyone being trapped inside.


  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)
  • FIDO2
  • Windows Plug-and-Play
  • ISO 7816-1 (Card Size)
  • FCC

Ideal For:

  • Proof-positive biometric authentication
  • Passive proximity detection (Proximity PACS support)
  • MFA (multi-factor authentication) support
  • HID DigitalPersona
  • Physical and Logical (Computer) Access (PACS)
    • Time-based rules or credential required for workstation use

*REQUIRES third-party software to connect to Windows Active Directory such as HID’s Digital Persona

  • Supports HID PACs readers such as HID RP-15 mutiCLASS Card Reader
  • Supports smart card readers such as the HID OMNIKEY 5025 Contactless Smart Card Reader
  • Locally-based/server-based applications
  • Windows 10 login
  • Office 365

*Applications that support FIDO2 standards can utilize this card

  • Employee identification
  • Contact tracing/mustering (employee tracking)
  • Privacy compliance
  • Risk mitigation
  • Hygiene protection

Additional information

Weight 0.007 lbs
Dimensions 3.370 × 2.125 × 0.030 in

Biometric Credential w/FIDO2 + EV2 + UHF (13.56MHz), Biometric Credential w/FIDO2 + EV2 + UHF + SEOS (13.56MHz)

  • Fingerprint reader on smart card to enroll two fingerprint credentials
    • Card can never be used by another person as a replacement
  • Biometric data (PII) enrolled, stored and matched within the SentryCard smart card
  • Vaulted (disguised) antennas that are activated only when the right fingerprint is matched and when the credentials need to be authenticated for physical and logical access
  • Supports 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz smart cards
  • Card Read Range: 1.57 x 1.97 in.
  • Ultra-low power Ambiq Micro Apollo3 32-bit ARM processor
  • Card Memory: 1 MB Flash memory/384 KB SRM (Storage Class Memory)
  • Fingerprint Sensor: FPC1321 ultra-thin flexible sensor
    • 160×160 pixels sensor array with 508 DPI resolution
  • Minimum 10 million finger touches on fingerprint sensor
  • False Acceptance Rate (FAR): 1 in 50,000
  • False Rejection Rate (RRR): Less than 3%
  • Smart Card Lifespan: 33,000 uses or 3-5 yrs.
  • NXP UCODE-8 UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technologies
  • UHF technology for passively tracking employees during emergency situations
  • UHF Detection Range: More than 50 feet
  • Supports standard card printers (Evolis Avansia)

*Direct to card Printers (DTC) are not ideal

*Additional laminate overlay cannot be applied on the fingerprint sensor side

  • Protection against delamination, tamper-resistant and thermal protection
  • Protection against impact and electrostatic discharge
  • Support for Prox Card Types: HID Prox/iCLASS/Seos/DESFire EV1 Contactless Smart Card/EV2
  • Lithium-ION battery
  • Minimum 3-year battery lifespan
  • Optional Logical Access Features:
    • HID Prox/iCLASS/Seos/DESFire EV1 Contactless Smart Card/EV2 smart card types
    • OTP (One-Time Password): HOTP/TOTP via type-4 NFC wireless interface

Operating System (OS) Support:

  • Windows 10