Taglio PIV Card C2190 with Test Certificates


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The C2190-TST is a Dual Interface Taglio PIV Card that has been preloaded with test certificates, and is ready to use. Specifically designed for testing PIV / CAC / CIV applications.  .

Based on the FIPS 140-2 Certified NXP P60 OSB Chip, and loaded with the NIST NPIVP validated PIV applet by Taglio

The Taglio PIV Card implements the PIV (Personal Identification Verification) Smart Card standard Designed for US Government FIPS 201 (PIV), US DOD (CAC), Federal Contractors (PIV-I), Enterprise (PIV-C/CIV) and Physical Access applications (FICAM). The addition of Test Certificates makes it possible to test conformance with these standards.

PIV Compliant

Compliant with the US PIV Smart Card Standard SP 800-73, part of the FIPS 201/HSPD-12 Federal Security initiative.

NPIVP Validated

The Taglio PIV card implementation has been validated for conformance to the PIV card standard by the NIST Personal Identity Verification Program. Taglio PIV has been assigned Certificate #48.

Created in the USA

The Taglio PIV card firmware and tools are developed in Austin, Texas by a dedicated team with unrivaled experience in Smart Card development.

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Dimensions 2.79 × 3.66 × 0.63 in

100 Cards – Custom Programmed Without Certificate, 25 Cards – Pre Programmed Without Certificate, Single Card – Pre Programmed With Certificate